42nd AEROPHILATELIE Auction, 2. April 2011


42nd AEROPHILATELIE Auction, 2. April 2011 - Catapult Mail North Atlantic

Zeppelin Mail from Passengers

We are auctioning off the one of a kind collection "Bavaria Gold" which consits of over 1,400 invididual special feature items from the years 1929 thru 1935. Featured in the collection are many special, rare, and until now, unknown items. Additional we offer about 300 very interesting zeppelinmails.

This collection includes over 35 combinations of catapult- / airship mail, as well as several hundreds unique state contracting receipts and documents. Outstanding are deliveries from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Danzig, Denmark, Estonia, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Saarland, Sweden, Switzerland, as well as several documents from infrequent destinations worldwide.

A real piece of flight and contemporary histories are represented with about 500 items which were written by passengers and crew members on board. The collection was accumlated during a period of more than 40 years by the collector whose knowledge and expertise in this field are of the highest quality.

All documents are in excellent condition without exception, especially the decorative optics and high quality frankings. This incredible collection has never been published before and is even unknown among experts.

This limited edition illustrated and colorful catalogue may be ordered now. The editorial and pictures can be seen online.